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Our Next Business Growth Bootcamp Event…

Our next bootcamp series begins Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 7:30 am.  Participation is strictly limited to a handful of CEO’s and Business Owners.


We spend a significant amount of time in our Business Growth Bootcamp work sessions about leadership.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent workshop that you might find valuable.
Good thinking leads to good action, and the way we talk is a clue to how we are thinking.  So, a couple suggestions –
-Develop a mindset of determination, persistence, rigor and discipline.  You are a key leader and must lead the way.  You are leading in orgs that have real challenges.  That is part of leadership.  How can you keep moving forward to success in spite of challenges?
Busy.  You are a key leader in a growing company – of course you are busy.  Sometimes starting (verbally or in your mind), with how busy you are, you are creating a buffer/excuse for not following through.  It’s sort of like saying “Well, I’ll try, but…”  Train yourself to stop talking about busy.  Talk about priorities, action plans, ask good questions, etc instead.
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During the Business Growth Bootcamp we maintain an intense focus on four specific operational issues, plus leadership & people, and financial management.  If the Business Growth Bootcamp helped you to improve any one, or more of these areas by just a few percentage points, see how dramatic the outcome may be. Obviously results can’t be guaranteed, priorities change, things get in the way and so on. But click the button below and find out what your possibilities are.

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The Business Growth Bootcamp has been an incredible experience for both me and my company.  I’ve learned many new management techniques that will be very valuable. I’ve had hands on assistance creating priorities to focus on, as well as coping with the ‘people’ related issues we constantly deal with. But the single biggest thing that has been really important to me, is the affirmation and the ‘good job’ I get for projects that I have successfully implemented.  That alone has been worth the price of admission.

Rusty McKellar - CEO, Cadillac Fabrication


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