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How to Double the Number of Sales Leads

Want more sales leads? Assuming that you already have some online/offline sales funnels operating, and that you could simply adjust your promotional spending upward, you can improve your promotional efficiency by offering… • A Lead Magnet • More Lead Magnets • Better Lead Magnets What is a Lead Magnet? A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose [...]

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Four Opportunities to Increase Your Sales Revenue

Just Pull Any Combination of These 4 Levers Common wisdom among business owners and CEOs is that you have to double your customers in order to double your business. Fortunately, that’s not entirely true. In reality, increasing your customer base is just one of four ways to grow and expand your business. Not only that, but there’s actually a formula that describes the impact that these four ‘levers’ [...]

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Marketing Curriculum

Besides increasing the number of your customers & clients, do you know the other 3 critical components that control your sales revenue and your profitability? Do your automated lead generation systems continually send you high quality sales leads that smooth out your cash flow? Don’t have an automated lead generation campaign system?

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4 Key Marketing Concepts We Teach at the Business Growth Bootcamp

This video provides an introduction into the 4 key marketing concepts that we teach at the Business Growth Bootcamp. The second half of the video also introduces you to the Business Growth Bootcamp format, and how it is designed to help you implement and execute the new strategies for your business.   https://youtu.be/bhvt_NwvN-I

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The Business Growth Bootcamp Marketing Success Formula

Bootcamp Session 1 Did you realize that there's actually a mathematical formula that explicitly describes how to dramatically increase your sales revenue with minimal effort? Don't believe it? This initial marketing session introduces you to that formula, and describes how seasoned CEOs of major companies use it to grow their companies and meet shareholder demands for an adequate return on their stock investment. We'll use this same formula throughout the [...]

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Automated Lead Generation Systems

Bootcamp Session 2 One of the characteristics of marketing strategy for a small/medium legal practice business, is the feast or famine cycle.  The attorney(s) get busy on a large, protracted case and they're working 14 hour days. There's no time to write blog articles, take phone calls, or promote the business. When the busy period passes, they don't understand why their phone isn't ringing. This Business Growth Bootcamp session is [...]

Who Are Your Best Customers? And How Do You Find More of Them? 

Bootcamp Session 3 Life clearly has become more complicated during the past ten years, especially for companies scaling up to sell more products and services. Targeted market segments have become more granular  to the point that Facebook has identified 632,000 people who’ve said they like Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches. Then there’s sub-segments of each of these market segments based on their journey along the buying process.  Add in the [...]

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Managing Profit Margins

Bootcamp Session 4 There's actually two components that we'll discuss in this module; In the state of Michigan currently, there is full employment.  The area of pain this causes you as a CEO or business owner is that you retain employees that you'd ordinarily not want to keep, and it's near impossible to hire new people to add the capacity to grow your business. Secondly, when financial people talk about [...]

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Getting Your Customers to Purchase More Frequently

Bootcamp Session 5 The conventional wisdom is that for you to double the size of your business, you will need twice as many customers. Fortunately, its a whole lot easier than that. There was a study that was published a number of years ago by Harvard Business School which indicated that you spend 7 times as much time, money, and energy attracting new clients, as you would to get your [...]

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