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Skills You Need to Lead

Introduction Once you understand your Leadership Identity, and have clarified your Attitudes, Beliefs and Values – and how these drive your Leadership Behavior, you can develop core Leadership Skills. Growing your business demands more from you as a Leader, so we focus on building these core Leadership Skills in the Business Growth Bootcamp. Emotional Intelligence: Technical skills and IQ are important, but significant research has demonstrated that Emotional Intelligence is [...]

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Be the Best Leader You Can Be

Introduction In order to run a successful business, much less lead it through a period of sustained growth, you must constantly be honing your own ability to Lead. Leaders build their desire and capacity to lead by intentionally pursuing a deep understanding of themselves and developing a clear plan for growth. In my work with clients from many different backgrounds and in a variety of organization types, I have coached [...]

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A Healthy, Productive Approach to Accountability

Introduction My clients frequently ask about the issue of Accountability. Almost without exception, it is raised in a moment of frustration after repeated attempts to “get someone to do something” have apparently failed. What happened? Why isn’t the person following through on what he/she “was supposed to do?” How can we avoid getting to this point of frustration that could lead to the exit of an employee, perhaps due to [...]

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Understanding and Shaping Your Organizational Culture

Introduction Culture is more important than strategy, and can either help or hinder your organization’s ability to achieve its mission and goals. The difference between average companies and good companies is the culture: How do things actually happen at all levels? How do leaders lead? How are decisions made? How do we actually live out the statements on the wall of the conference rooms? Your organization’s Culture is like the [...]

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Developing Strong Teams/Delegation

As your business grows, you will need to develop a strong, resilient and effective infrastructure to achieve and sustain the growth.  You will need to shift your responsibilities to focus on “doing only the things that only you can do” as a key leader, while also developing leaders and teams around you.  This is the only way to successfully manage the increasing complexity of your organization as it grows.  You [...]

Roundtable Discussion:

What are urgent Leadership issues that you are experiencing RIGHT NOW?  Throughout the Business Growth Bootcamp, Participants will identify key issues for a “round table” style discussion that allows us to focus on “right now” issues occurring in your organizations. The expert facilitator will provide insights and resources, and other participants will provide insights from experiences leading in their own organizations.

Managing and Leading Change

Growth means change, and change can be a 4-letter word.  Some growth is planned, and it is wise for the business owner to anticipate and plan for changes that will come with that growth.  Inevitably, growth leads to changes that are not anticipated – downright surprises.  It is also wise for the business owner to be aware of the types or categories of changes that can occur during growth, especially [...]

The Essential Role of Planning

If your business is going to grow, you need to make a plan.  What is the Current State of your Organization?  What is the desired Future State?  How do you engage your employees in both creating a clear and complete picture of your organization as it currently exists, and then challenge them to go on this journey of growth with you?  In this session you will:   Understand and use [...]

The Culture of Your Organization

The Culture of your organization is like a bridge with a specific load rating.  As you grow, you increase the load on your organization, so is your Culture strong enough to bear that load?  Or, will people leave and processes fail?  As your organization prepares for growth, it is important for leaders at all levels to understand the Culture of your company and how to improve it. What is the [...]

Developing Your Leadership Skills

Effective Leaders hone their skills constantly, modeling continuous improvement for the entire organization as well developing the necessary skills to lead a growing organization.  A focus on specific skills that are critical for sustained, excellent leadership enables YOU to see real progress in your Leadership Development. You will build understanding and increase skills in the following 4 areas, each of which is essential in developing a strong Culture, attracting and [...]

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