Small Business Financial Management

/Small Business Financial Management

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow and the management of cash are two of the most important concepts in business.  As a pilot of an airplane must know the fuel levels required for a safe flight and prepare for the potential storms ahead, a business leader must manage the cash flow of the business to make informed decisions today, prepare for the cash needs of future challenges and protect cash in order to seize [...]

Effective Budgeting

When traveling, there are few things more important than a good, quality map. A well-planned budget is a financial map that can be used to lead your business to a valuable destination.  As with any trip into the unknown, planning is paramount to success.  Your budgeting process will help you prioritize your goals, understand your expenses, make a profit and allocate funds toward future growth opportunities.   You will learn [...]

Financial Data Management

In today’s technological business environment, the amount of data that business leaders receive can be overwhelming.  It is imperative to know the difference between the important data and the data that is just white noise, or worse yet, inaccurate data.  Financial intelligence is the ability to find and receive accurate data, screen and process the information into usable decision-making components and take action, based on financial intelligence, to grow your [...]

Capital for Growth

Your business is growing, you are selling more products and services to more customers and you are making good profit margins.  What could be better?  Your future growth depends on your financial decisions today because growing businesses demand growth capital.  Planning your growth will require careful planning and the procurement of capital to fund your new endeavors.  You may need to add employees, expand into new markets, purchase new equipment, [...]

Balancing Financial Risk and Reward

Financial risk and reward are two different sides of the same coin.  An increase in risk will provide more opportunity for reward but will also increase the probability of loss.  Knowing and understanding your company’s specific financial risks is essential for avoiding expensive mistakes.  Knowing and understanding your company’s core financial value proposition is indispensable for future business growth. You will learn to: Identify your company’s value proposition Identify your [...]

Tools to Unlock Financial Opportunity

As every great artisan needs high quality tools to create beautiful work, so every business leader needs excellent tools to create value in the marketplace. Innovative financial solutions are available to provide business leaders with the tools to make profitable decisions.  Securing the right financial technology solutions for your company’s future growth is imperative. You will learn to: Measure and assess your company’s most important financial metrics Design and implement [...]