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Equip your small business with essential strategies for success, delivered through expert training. The Business Growth Bootcamp is designed to unlock your business’ potential, efficiently and effectively.

Did you know 25% of businesses fail in their first year?

Yet, here you are, destined to be the world’s next big success story despite the rollercoaster journey, filled with highs, lows, and the nagging question: ‘Why isn’t this working?’ You might even be planning your exit strategy.

The truth is...YOU CAN'T QUIT... At least, we don't want you to.

Hi, I'm Laurel! Your guide and mentor on this business growth journey.

Allow me to introduce you to the Business Growth Bootcamp – your guide to not only weathering the storms, but to flourishing in the business arena. This isn’t just any old course; it’s a transformative voyage meticulously crafted to turn your challenges into triumphs.

I’ve been right where you are – asking myself ‘Why isn’t this working?’ or crafting my  exit strategy hoping no one finds out I failed.

The Business Growth Bootcamp is your comprehensive guide to scaling up and realizing the growth you’ve been dreaming of. It’s your step-by-step, practical roadmap to business transformation.

These same steps have been used to help businesses that were once struggling make incredible turnarounds, my own included, and I know they can help yours, too.

For a limited time only, we’re offering you the chance to enroll in the Business Growth Bootcamp for just $97.

This is an unprecedented price and just a fraction of the full value, it’s a small investment with the potential for huge returns.

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introducing the

Business Growth Bootcamp

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From identifying your mission to scaling your operations, get ready to dive deep into proven strategies that work.

Laurel will walk you through every phase of your growth journey, ensuring you’re supported every step of the way. 

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Will this work for my business?

From struggling startups to thriving enterprises, see the real impact of your future journey.
Lauryn Vaila
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"I have completely transformed my business since starting. The clarity and confidence it has brought is priceless. Even after finishing the course, the content is still helpful to this day when growing my company."
Na'Tasha Crowell
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"If you feel like you're stuck with where to start and how to manage yourself, your prices, and your services then queenly is the way to go. I highly recommend her course. Not only does she care about you personally but she has patience for people that are coming from all different types of backgrounds"
Barbara Perez
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"Laurel helped me take both my business and personal brand to a different level! She not only gives you the tools you need but also teaches you how to use them. Love working with her!"
Solina Brainin-Mattos
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"Laurel’s support in expanding my business has opened up NEW levels of growth and possibilities, both personally and professionally. I have DOUBLED my business since starting to work with Laurel."
Cory Nery
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"Not only did Laurel hear me out, but she also gave me practical strategies to outwit my social advertising dilemma. Including some resources and suggestions. 😭 I have so much more hope and direction I could cry! "
Gladys Garcia
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"I came to Laurel for help hoping to develop a Client Relations system that worked for me; and she blew me away! Not only did she create an effective & productive workflow, but walked me though every decision to create a beautiful client experience that looks and sounds like me!"
Kenneth Clark
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"It was extremely helpful how she made the complicated items, simple. She cares about every single detail as much as we did, while always being there to offer additional tips and solutions for us to consider. "

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